PowerSchool-Parent Portal Account Creation

A feature recently implemented with the latest upgrade of PowerSchool is a single sign on for parents.
With this new feature, parents (or guardians) are able to create a single login account to view/manage all of their respective students.  Although this feature is primarily aimed at making things simpler for parents of multiple students, it does impact those who only have one student.  

All parents will now be required to create a login account, before being able to access their respective student data.

If you have already created an account, click on the link below to login.

If you need to create an account, please follow the directions below

Here are instructions for how to create a Parent login account:

  1. On the Parent portal login page (https://jasper.powerschool.com/public/home.html) click on the “Create Account” tab.
  2. Click on the “Create Account” button.
  3. Enter your first name, last name, and your e-mail address in the blanks provided.
  4. In the “Desired Username” space, type a username that will be easy for you to remember.
  5. In the two “Password” spaces, enter a single password of at least 6 characters.  It should be something that isn’t easy for anyone else to guess.  The longer and more complex the better.
  6. The next phase of creating an account is linking each of your students to your new PowerSchool Parent account.  To do this, enter your students name in the blank provided in the “Link Students to Account” section.
  7. Next in the “Access ID” blank you will need to enter the five digit parent access ID that should have been provided to you (via an official letter) by either the HS or Elementary office during enrollment (this ID may have been given to you during a previous school year).   Note:  You should have a unique “Access ID” for each child. The ID given to your student(s) for checking their own grades is separate from your Parent ID, and will not work in this field. It needs to be your Access ID for the respective student you are currently adding.
  8. In the “Access Password” blank, you will need to enter the password that was provided to you with the parent “Access ID” mentioned above.
  9. Next, in the “Relationship” pull down menu, you should select the appropriate entry for how you are related to your student.
  10. If you have more than one student to link to your new single sign on parent account, you will need to repeat steps 6 through 9 in the additional blanks provided.
  11. Finally, once you have finished filling out all of the appropriate fields, click the “Enter” button at the bottom of the screen (you may have to scroll down to see the button).

Once you have created your new account, you will use the username and password that you created in the steps above from this point forward to access PowerSchool parent.
If you have any problems creating your new parent account, or have any questions please feel free to call the District Technology Coordinator (Jacob Webb) at (417) 394-2511.